Acting and Theatre
Creation Camp



All About Theatre Summer 2023!



Adult Actors* enrolled in this fun and engaging class will use their imagination while learning all about acting and play making through theatre games, improvisation, storytelling, character creation and more!

In this class, participants will create their own characters and create an original play of their very own, all while learning acting and theatre basics. The class will culminate in the students putting on a casual production of their very own original play for friends and family.

* This class is specifically geared toward adult learners who have intellectual challenges and disabilities

  • Instructor: Michaela Moore of All About Theatre Performing Arts School
  • Schedule:
    July 17 – July 21, Monday through Friday
    5:00 – 6:30 PM
  • Camp will be held on the beautiful grounds of the Spring Hills Farm.  During this time students will get a chance to learn about the farm operations and the beautiful animals that call the farm home.
  • Performance will be held the last half hour of camp on Friday, July 21 and a casual reception will be held afterwards.
  • Guardians who bring attendees to the camp are welcome to tour the farm during camp sessions.
  • Cost: $125 Suggested.
    This class is “pay what you can” meaning that while we appreciate full tuition cost in order to cover the expenses of the class, we will accept whatever payment participants feel that they can pay. No one will be denied access to this class due to lack of funds. We do ask that each camper give a minimum of $10 to attend. If you wish for a full scholarship, please contact Michaela Moore at or 570.233.3622. Additionally, if you would like to donate more than $125 to help support other campers who may not be able to pay full tuition, we invite you to do so and thank you for your generosity.
  • Location: 500 Kennedy Creek Road, North Abington Township, PA 18414. Follow signs to the Pond House
  • For downloadable version of this program information please click here.
  • Have question about the class?
    Contact Michaela:

    Phone: 570.233.3622


Michaela Moore

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This camp is presented by the Spring Hills Foundation, which works to preserve family farms as educational venues for sustainable land use and agriculture, and as a source of inspiration for artists of all disciplines. The camp will take place on the Spring Hills Farm, located 14 miles north of Scranton. The Farm has a long history of providing experiential education centered around an immersion in nature.