Acting and Theatre Creation Camp

Camp for KIDS
and Camp for ADULTS
Campers will use their imagination while learning all about acting and play making through theatre games, improvisation, storytelling, character creation and more.


Adult Art Workshops

Adult Art Workshops are led by Tim Hawkesworth and Lala Zeitlyn, and provide a chance to immerse oneself in one's work while being open and expanded by the rich environment of the Farm.


Artist Retreat

Claim quiet refuge to make art in your own covered outdoor studio - Expand your artistic journey while supporting your local family-run farm

Spring Hills Farm and Spring Hills Foundation have a long tradition of offering educational programming for adults and children in the areas of sustainable agriculture, environmental stewardship, and the Arts.  Most of the programming takes place on the Farm, and enables participants to become immersed into the Farm's natural beauty and rhythms.  The programming emphasizes hands-on experiences, and also highlights synergies between agriculture, the environment, and the Arts

For over a decade the Farm has offered a series of live-in painting workshops for adults.  For over five decades the Farm has hosted half-day and full-day farm visits for adults and school-age children.  The programming draws on a wide range of topics including the following.

• Making maple syrup
• Sheep shearing and wool production
• Draft horse care and use on a small farm
• Field and soil management
• Successful pesticide-free farming
• Experimental crops/Learning to adapt to environmental changes
• Conservation and agricultural easements
• Raising chickens
• Identifying and using indigenous plants
• Creating fruit preserves and jams

Here is a list of programs currently being offered: